Monday, March 10, 2008

for your viewing pleasure

Here are some pictures that we had good intentions of posting but never did.

us and the Golden Gate bridge...during our Thanksgiving trip to California

over Christmas, we had family pictures taken (with the ENTIRE family), here's one of our little family.

for Valentines Day, we made cookies. This is Paul with the lip cookie.

and the finished product...they were yummy

Sarah loves gerber daisies. Paul brought these home the other day.

AND, here are the latest belly shots. This is what Sarah looks like at 30 weeks...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

surprises and blessings

I've been surprised at a few things during my pregnancy, and I thought I'd share them:
- I think my maternity clothes are so much better than my real clothes. I mean they are cuter and look decent. I may be tired of wearing them since I don't have as many maternity clothes as I do regular clothes, but I still like them.

- I thought I would not like feeling our boy move around inside me, but I really do. I kinda thought it would weird me out. I enjoy his kicks and squirms. Sometimes, it even tickles a little bit. What I don't like is when he has something jammed up under my ribs.

- I didn't think I would be as emotional about having a baby as I am.

- I didn't know how apprehensive I would be about my life changing - especially my relationship with Paul.

- I really love bagels with cream cheese. Used to, it was rarely that I ate a bagel with cream cheese. Now, I eat it every morning for my second first breakfast is an instant breakfast.

- I want to savor this time more than I thought I would.

My two blood sisters and my sister-in-law gave me a baby shower the other weekend in Houston. It was so much fun! We were really blessed with lots of great gifts as well wishes. I got to see some dear friends (both my friends and people who are like second moms to me). I saw my friend, Charissa, which was so fun. Charissa and I knew each other in college and then her husband, John, and I were on staff with InterVarsity together at Texas A&M. She and I go way back, and it was so great to see should check out her blog - the link is on the left.

We also bought our crib last week! It is crazy to look in our son's room and see his little bed. We were going to order it from a store, but then the shipping total came to $150. SO, we decided to look around town to see if there was anything in stock that we liked. We found a crib at a little boutique here in town that we really liked. When we asked about it, we were told that they were discontinuing ordering from the particular company that makes the crib. They gave us 20% off the crib, and we got to take it home that day!

While I was in Houston, my sweet husband painted our boy's room. It looks great. I promise pictures to come soon.

And, here is the random part of this post...did you vote today (if you live in Texas)? I am not going to get into politics right now, but I think I will write something very soon.