Monday, November 30, 2009

18 months

On November 20, Jonas turned 18 months. We are really loving this age. There are some trying moments (like when he throws a huge fit in the middle of a store or restaurant or something), but we love that Jonas interacts with us so much.

At 18 months, Jonas...

-weighs 21 lbs, 13 oz...still a lightweight
- is 32 inches tall
- still wears 12 month pants and some 18 month shirts
- naps for about 3 hours a day...we have a great sleeper!
- communicates with some words as well as pointing while saying uh, uh
- says cat, dog, all gone, outside, more more (it sounds like mo mo, and he does the sign for more), da for daddy, mama for mommy, snack, uh oh, ball, what's that or shhh (and listens for what it might be), buh for bird, bye bye
- loves to play ball
- loves his trucks and usually makes the "truck sound" while playing
- really likes to be outside
- runs and will race us
- has a lot of older friends that he loves to keep up with
- likes to be pushed around on his riding toy
- loves to read books and will even "read" to himself sometimes
- has a fascination with big machines...trucks, semis, trains, cranes, etc
- doesn't like to ride in the little seat of a grocery basket...he would rather ride in the front with all the stuff
- is really social. He likes going to school so much.
- will pick up when we ask him to help us clean up toys or any mess, really
- likes to sleep with his feet propped up against the side of his crib. I'm not sure how his feet don't fall asleep
- laughs and has a completely captivating smile
- loves dogs and will let us know if he sees one
- loves to snuggle in the mornings while he drinks his milk
- gives lots of kisses, hugs and pats
- wants to do things by himself and is really fascinated with the way stuff works
- has already gone on his first camping trip with dad

camping with friends

18 months...

Thursday, November 26, 2009


we are thankful for family and friends, for new houses in familiar places, for being with sisters and moms and grandparents and cousins, for health, for jobs and the ability to our bills, for love and laughter, and for Jesus.

Friday, November 13, 2009


is the greatest day I've ever known/can't live for tomorrow/tomorrows much too long (that song popped into my head when I typed the blog title). But seriously, Today...

- I was just reminded of how much I like the Smashing Pumpkins.

- Jonas went to school. YAY for me! He was sick this week and had to miss school on Wednesday.

- I shamelessly bought a Christmas table runner even though we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet.

- I also bought a few new things for me. I'm feeling a little guilty about it right now. A few tops, belt (ok 2 belts), and a scarf. Oh and a pair of shoes.

- I am going to make a pot of soup (I think) even though it really isn't cold. Maybe some cornbread too.

- I began gathering a few items for our Christmas Open House in lieu of a housewarming party. I'm excited. And, if you want to come, please do.

- I wanted to take a nap but instead I'm writing this.

- I looked for and was unsuccessful at finding a used children's book that I am going to use to decorate Jonas' bathroom. My good friend, Emily, gave Jonas the book On The Night You Were Born, and it is beautiful. I can't wait to get this little project finished...his bathroom just seems so undone.

- I had a non-fat chai latte from my favorite little coffee shop.

- The dad of a couple of good friends is being released from prison. This is a big day for them, and I'm excited about that.

- I thought about what it would be like to be homeless as I purchased some hats and gloves for homeless children. Please do not read that as me trying to boast. It really humbled me and made me super grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with. Maybe that is why I feel a little guilty about purchasing some items for myself.

- I'm frustrated that Jonas has a milk allergy. His class is having a Thanksgiving feast, and I want him to be able to participate. Maybe I will talk to his teacher about it.

- I've been listening to the Counting Crows. Man, I love them. I might give my right arm to see them in concert.

- I thought about getting my car washed, but then decided I would leave that Paul.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

it's a bird, it's a plane...


posing for a picture for my fans

got to go...someone's in need of help

off to save the day

saving pretzels from the stack of hay

these ducks held the clue to the treats

In my line of work you've got to keep your bouncing skills never know when you might need them

finally at home walking my dog