Monday, September 28, 2009

in need of a little TLC

This poor blog has been so neglected by it's owner. Can I just say the last month has been insane, crazy, busier than I could ever imagine? Well, I guess I just did. In the past month, we've packed our house, moved into a new one, unpacked all our earthly belongings, left a job, started a new job, been sick, continued to fulfill our "normal" commitments, put in a sprinkler system (and I do mean it was not hired out), fixed 2 toilets, called a plumber (and need to call one again), dialed 911...on accident, attended a funeral, spent more money than was budgeted, and we are still really tired.

All this to say, we will post pictures of our new home very soon. And, our sweet 16 month old needs some blog attention as well, so updates on J are coming as well.

For now, enjoy this...

J's 2nd, 1st day of school. It was raining on his actual first day, so we didn't get very good pictures.

Going into our home for the first time as the owners.

Moving day...enough said about this particular picture