Thursday, December 11, 2008

photo tag

My friend, Sara, tagged me quite a while ago. This is a fun one...

The rules:

Go to your picture file on your computer.

Pull up the 4th folder.

Pull up the 4th photo.

Tell us about it.

This was taken about 4 or so hours before we headed to the hospital to have Jonas. I didn't know at the time that I was in labor. It is a bit of an embarrassing photo because I have what we affectionately call "my crazy eyes" in this picture.

Charissa, Kristen, and Holly...tag, you're it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

one half

of a year...that is how old our sweet boy is. We are a little late in posting, but Jonas turned 6 months old on November 20. He brings us so much joy each and every day. Here are a few things about Jonas in the past month...

- he can now sit very well
- so so close to crawling
- scoots and rolls to get where he wants to go
- so much more vocal. he loves to carry on a conversation
- eats rice cereal better than last month. still no veggies since we are still trying to get the hang of the spoon
- weighs about 15 lbs. 4 oz. and 27 inches long
- bottom two teeth have broken through
- jonas has such a fun personality. he really likes to be around people - he even yell when we leave the room. he is beginning to notice when we aren't around, and often looks for us when we are in a group of people.

here are some pics of our son...

Running to the world

Posted by Paul -

Sarah and I went to the 50th "Carol of Lights" this year... an annual lighting ceremony on the Texas Tech campus. Every year there is a soloist that sings O Holy Night. I love that song. Not like, LOVE.

O Holy Night is by FAR my favorite Christmas song. It absolutely captures the majesty and reverence of the event. I am absolutely blown away every time I hear it. When it was being sung at the Carol of Lights, one line in particular stuck in my head, and after reading a friend's blog who quoted the song, I got to thinking more about that line. The line is " 'Til he appeared and the soul felt it's worth. " Im not sure if the proper version is "the soul felt it's worth" or the soul felt His worth". Both ways are incredibly profound.

" 'Till he appeared and the soul felt it's worth"...what a deep statement about what that baby, the Christ, brings to us...worth. To try and earn worth any other way or place is "meaningless, a chasing after the sun." In this Christmas act we see and feel how much we are really worth to God!

"But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him." - I never thought of The Prodigal Son as a metaphor for the Christmas story, but it is! That baby is the result of God's compassion, it was God's way of throwing caution to the wind, picking up his cloak and running to us as we lay 'in sin and error pining'.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


noun: the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.

On November 16, Paul and I participated in our church's baby dedication. The definition above accurately describes how we have committed to raise Jonas...we've bound ourselves to raising him to be someone who chooses to follow Jesus with his whole heart. And, man, our prayer everyday is that Jonas would choose that course of action.

Deciding to participate in the dedication was hard for us for a few reasons. One being that our families live so far away and couldn't be with us. They were with us in spirit that day. It was fun for us to have our small group stand with us and agree to come along side of us as we parent Jonas. Another reason it was hard for us was because we were acknowledging Jonas as God's. That is hard for me at know that ultimately Jonas isn't mine.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Monday, December 1, 2008

where we've been

I apologize for the blog hasn't been intentional. Because I am so tired and am blogging in the middle of calming an extremely tired and fussy baby as well as doing laundry, list format will have to do...

- Jonas turned 6 months old on November 20. Pictures and stats to come. But, I will say this - we love him more with each passing day. He is our joy and delight,

- We travelled to Houston to be with my family for Thanksgiving. That was a R-E-A-L-L-Y long trip. No one told me to add about 1.5 hours when driving with an infant.

- We had tons of fun being with family, seeing friends, shopping, going to the zoo and just being on vacation...eating way too much food - there goes my diet!

- We are looking forward to Christmas. I am soooo excited to decorate our tree on Thursday night.

Pictures to come. I promise. OK, gotta change the laundry.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


the conversation went like this:

Dad (this is Sarah's dad, not Paul): your pears are really good

Sarah: huh? pears?

Dad: ya, from your tree in the backyard

Sarah: what? those are pears?

Dad: of course. what did you think they were?

Sarah: I dunno. crabapples?

turns out we have a pear tree...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

5 months

A week ago, Jonas turned five months old. Our little guy had his first doctor appointment today that wasn't a well-baby check-up...he's got an upper respiratory infection and pink eye. Poor thing can't breathe and his eyes look horrible. We love this stage that Jonas is in. His personality is more and more evident all the time. A few things about him this month:
- he weighs 13.2 lbs.
- about 25 inches long
- he's this close to sitting up unsupported
- rice cereal is now a part of our nightly routine
- loves to "ride the horsey" which is the arm of the chair in our living room
- reaches for specific things like toys or his paci
You may notice that Jonas didn't gain weight between his 4th and 5th month. So, we are now in the process of trying to bulk him up a little more. I think it is working since he weighed a little more at the doctor today. Enjoy these pictures...

the first night, we fed Jonas in his bouncy. We quickly decided that the high chair needed to be put together.

sitting up for like 5 seconds. thus, a blurry picture.

Monday, October 20, 2008

are you kidding me?

It's been one whole month since this dear blog has been updated! This has been a whirlwind month...let's recap...

1. We visited the South Plains Fair...this is a big deal in Lubbock! I sure did enjoy me some yummy fair food...on a stick.

2. I'm sure I've mentioned before how much I love fall. Well, it has arrived and the other weekend we went to the Pumpkin Festival.

3. Jonas got a visit from his Grandpa and Grandma Snow.

4. Jonas and I survived our very first night completely alone as Paul went out of town for work.

5. I am crazy busy at work which leads to being really tired at home.

6. Did I mention how much I love fall? cinnamon spice candles, cool evenings, long sleeved shirts, warm drinks...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 months

At 4 months, Jonas weighs 13.1 lbs and is 25 inches tall...he is in the 20th percentile for weight and 90th for height! And, here are some 4 month pics...
We bought a bike trailer...Jonas isn't quite sure what he thinks about it yet. But, it is so fun to be able to go on bike rides!

this is the first outfit we ever bought for our baby boy...we didn't even know his name yet

reading books with daddy...
and magazines with mommy

stomping the grapes at the winery's harvest festival

so big on my 4 month birthday

Yes, it is hard to believe, but Jonas is 4 months old today. I know I say this every month, but I just can't believe we have been blessed to be his parents for 4 months already. We often look at each other and say "he is really ours...can you believe it?". It is crazy how much more I love Jonas today than I did the day he was born, and I loved him more than words could describe on that day. He is such a joy. We are amazed at the developmental changes we see every single day. Just yesterday, Jonas really started grasping his feet.

Here are a few highlights...
- rolls over from back to tummy and vice versa
- arches his back to scoot or show his dislike of something
- has learned to "throw a fit" ( I am not sure where he picked this up, but it is there). He yells at us when he is unhappy about something.
- laughs all the time. He particularly loves when mom and dad do silly, embarrassing things.
- carries on conversations - even though we don't really know what he is saying
- sleeps about 9 hours a night
- drools a lot. we think he may start teething very soon
- really likes to stand. he would rather stand than sit on your lap

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 day weekend

Jonas and I have a 3 day weekend! We've had so much rain in such a short amount of time that there are flash flood warnings in effect. So, Texas Tech canceled classes, and so did Jonas' school. More rain is expected too. So, we are home enjoying the dreary day, drinking coffee and wishing Paul were off too. I think I am going to make scones. These pictures are from our front yard...

Monday, September 1, 2008

for the grandparents...

This is a special post dedicated to Jonas' grandparents...Grandpa and Grandma Snow, Gram Gram Maney, and Grandpa John Maney. Below you will find videos and pictures of what our big boy is doing now. Oh, and Jonas wanted me to tell you that he misses you and would like to see you real soon!

maneuvering in my bouncy seat to see the TV (please note: my parents normally strap me in)

going to the drive-in

my first day of school

being so so cute after bath time

sitting like a big boy in my bumbo chair

sporting my Texas Tech ball cap and looking like my uncle Tim

Here are 2 videos. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 months

Our boy is 3 months old! He actually turned 3 months on August 20, but this week has been so busy that we are just now getting to post. I went back to work this past Monday, which meant that Jonas also started school. That is a lot to adjust to in one week! Anyway, here are a few 3 month stats:
- 12 lbs, 1 oz
- 23.5 to 24 inches (he was a little squirmy)
- rolled over once on his 3 month birthday. Neither one of us saw it because he was at school when he did it. He had been so close at home, and we still have yet to see it.
- laughs all the time and usually is all smiles
- has found his tongue and likes to lick things
- he is becoming lots more dexterous with his hands
- "talks" to us quite a bit
- moves ALL THE TIME
- usually sleeps at least 8 hours at night
- he is very social and quite the charmer.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shall We Dance?

"Dance as if no one is looking"...that is such a cliche saying that finds itself on posters and coffee mugs and little plaques you hang in your house. Those types of modern attempts at being profound and deep usually get a quick eye-roll from me before I dismiss it. But, the other day I realized a profound truth in those 7 words.

There is a little girl that goes to our church who has downs syndrome. She is probably 5 or 6 years old and really cute. Her parents are so patient with her and really very loving. We are often in the same worship service as this sweet family. We sit in the back of the auditorium, and they sit in the front. So, I have the opportunity of watching this family as they arrive and take their seats. As the songs begin, this little girl assumes her place in the very front aisle so that she has plenty of room to dance and twirl and clap her hands. I have found myself annoyed at her behavior and at her parents for not "controlling" her a little better. But, the other week something clicked for me. This little girl was worshiping. She was worshiping with utter abandon...quite literally "dancing as if no one was looking"...except Jesus. If only I approached the Throne like that - with utter abandon...leaving behind my inhibitions that often keep me from going to the Throne. You see, I- we- often feel like we need to have it all together. That we need to only share the "good" parts of us - present God with the presentable me. The me that has showered and gotten ready for the day.

I don't believe that is how God intended us to live. How freeing would it be to worship with abandon? I recall the time Jesus was dining at a Pharisees home when a prostitute crashed the party, wept on Jesus' feet and washed them with really expensive perfume. How embarrassing! But, what did she have to lose? Her dignity, her place in society, her reputation? She actually left her encounter with Jesus having gained the most valuable treasure there is...eternal life with him in heaven. I think that her lack of pride, her absolute abandon for protecting herself is what grabbed Jesus' heart.

Is there anything more precious than presenting ourselves fully and without inhibition to God as a holy sacrifice?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

all things NEW

My little sister got married a week and a half ago! I can't believe it. Jonas and I went down a week before the wedding to help with all the last minute details as well as to have Grandma, Grandpa, and all the aunts and uncles love on us. It was his first time on an airplane, and he did great - which was a huge blessing flying there as I was by myself. The wedding was wonderful, my sister was beautiful, and I'm excited to have a new brother!

Rob & Kelly New
bridesmaids at Rehearsal Dinner


our family all dressed up

one of just Paul and I

Paul and I got the pork chop at the Rehearsal Dinner. This restaurant is known for it's 7 finger chop! That's A LOT of meat.

My Grandma and Grandpa with Jonas

Grandma (my mom), cousin Elliana and Jonas. Elliana calls him baby Donas

me and Jonas with my dear friend, Katie. She graciously helped us with Jonas at the wedding.