Sunday, May 24, 2009

33 Fabulous Things I Love About Sarah

Today was Sarah's 33rd birthday. We had a great time celebrating with family and eating waaay too much good food! In honor of Sarah's birthday, here are 33 spectacular things I love about Sarah:

1) She twirls her hair around her finger when shes tired or bored
2) She closes strands of her hair between her eyelids when shes bored or tired
3) She tries to do #2 (above) to me but i refuse.
4) She values my guy friendships
5) Shes is a great present buyer.
6) She is detail oriented in a a lot of areas i am not
7) She has taught me a lot about love and humility.
8) I love the way she laughs when Jonas is giving her "kissies".
9) She laughs at my dumb, dumb jokes.
10) She gets really funny when she is really tired.
11) She forgives me a lot.
12) She loves just about anything that is turquoise or teal.
13) She values reconciliation.
14) She stays home and sacrifices things to be there to love on our son.
15) I find it an endearing quirk that she often falls asleep during movies at home.
16) She shares our values in terms of the things we want to define our family.
17) She is passionate about doing things right.
18) She plans good parties and thinks of all the minute details that Im sure Id forget about... like food.
19) Whenever we take a road trip from Lubbock, she will fall asleep no sooner than 45 minutes after we leave, but no later than 90 minutes.
20) Keep it simple. No tomatoes, lettuce, onions or pickels. Just the meat and bread at sonic.
21) She enjoys celebrating other people.
22) She still embodies a phrase we began saying while we were dating: I want what is best more than I want what is easy.
23) She hasn't elbowed me in the gut yet for pecking this entire post out on my phone while next to her in bed.
24) She values chivalrous deeds.
25) I enjoy that she likes it when I do traditional man-type chores around the house. (ok, haha, get your wisecracks out now, i know who you are :) )
26) She has a particular soft spot in her heart for supporting breast cancer research.
27) She is a good sport when I tease her about old boyfriends, esp. "Dusty Rose"
28) She cant say " rubber baby buggy bumpers" three times fast. We always end up cracking ouselves up.
29) She is a dog person.
30) Some of you already knows this but she likes watching professional bull riding.
31) She loves God.
32) She loves Jonas.
33) She loves me.

I love you and adore you Sarah.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today, May 20, 2009, our little mister is ONE. Happy Birthday, sweet boy. We love you!
...more to come in a few days by way of pics of this day, his party, and our first year as parents...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


this is what Jonas has been doing to his crib...