Sunday, August 26, 2007

10 things about the most wonderful man ever...

OK, it's my turn. Here are 10 things about the hubs that most people may not know...

1. Paul never gets out of shape. He can not work out for months and months and then go out and run 10 miles.

2. Paul can at any given moment tell me or anyone else what age we would be able to retire and how much we would make at retirement. It is actually a phenomenon.

3. In elementary school, he passed a note in class about the substitute teacher in which he called the teacher "Mrs. Pruneface"...he got in trouble.

4. When Paul gets interested in something, he will dedicate a lot of energy researching that particular thing. Right now, his interest is flipping houses.

5. Paul's favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums.

6. He loves Asian food more than any other food genre.

7. He can bake really well...I love Paul's cookies.

8. Paul likes to eat popcorn and cheese as a dinner (usually on Sunday nights). This has become something I enjoy as well.

9. He enjoys the smell of new electronics

10. He is a really good photographer. And he is really good at photoshop.

There you have it. 10 things about the most wonderful man ever, Paul.

Extreme Makeover

I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! It makes me smile. It makes me cry. It makes me want to be more compassionate. I do not know how ABC and Ty Pennington have been able to make a show about serving and blessing others so successful. I love the idea that the people with a lot of money help those in need. It just seems to fit with the economy of God. And, the staff of the show are so compassionate and just willing to do what they do best to bless another family. I just love this show!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ten Things About The Most Wonderful Woman Ever

I never know what to write about on our blog. Frankly, I think I am pretty boring and Im not sure why in the world anyone would want to read what I have to say. So, tonights topic will not be about me. Tonights post will be ten things that most people dont know about the most wonderful woman ever, Sarah.
  1. Sarah likes to watch bull riding.

  2. She owns a "Dusty Rose" colored Bible that a boyfriend name Thad gave to her in high school.

  3. She recently tore the page out in said Bible where he wrote her a (love?) letter. (I didnt make her do it... promise! I dont want that on my head when I step up to the pearly gates j/k)

  4. She got a new mountain bike for her birthday:

  5. When we go to Rudy's BBQ, she likes to get a bunch of slices of pickle to eat kind of like chips. Confession, I do this too now.
  6. She would like to move to Mexico some day.
  7. She likes to mow the lawn (sometimes).
  8. She likes Def Leppards "Pour Some Sugar On Me".
  9. When she crosses her eyes, they dont move symmetrically. One first, then the other.
  10. She always tries to peak a sneak about what Im posting about while Im writing it.

Well, there you have it folks.... Ten things about Sarah you probably never knew. Feel free to add any little nuggets of info or funny stories via the comments. Goodnight all!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our House...

Well, after lots of sweat and a few tears, we are pretty much finished with getting settled into our new place. Here are some pics of the before and after...

Front yard before. We had actually just mowed...the grass was completely overgrown

Front yard after

The front door

Living Room before...notice the border and white walls

Living Room border and a fresh coat of khaki colored paint

Kitchen before...we have a huge kitchen/eating area

Kitchen after

Our bedroom. I wish you could see the drapes a little better - they are beautiful...thanks, mom!

the Guest bedroom

a.k.a. the treadmill room

the office

YEAH for the laundry room


Special shout-out to the men in our small group for doing the really physical part of moving...loading and unloading our good junk, to our good friend, Casey, for helping clean the kitchen (it was disgusting) and unpack the of the most important rooms of the house, and to Sarah's mom and sister, Kelly, for taking "the Snow show" on the road - they helped paint the living room and decorate just about every room of the house. We love you and are super grateful!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Ultimate Drive

On Saturday, Paul and I got to experience the life of a high roller. We participated in BMW's Ultimate Drive for a Cure. This is a partnership with the Susan G. Komen for a cure foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer. As participants, we had the opportunity to each drive 4 vehicles, and for every mile that we drove, BMW donated $1 to the Komen Foundation in our name( I really like participating in Komen events because I have a friend that fought a very valiant battle with breast cancer. Kristen Stone Hartland went to be with the Lord on June 7, 2005. Paul and I will be participating in the Lubbock Race for the Cure on September 22. I encourage you to find a race in your area. Most races will be taking place in September and October. Go to for details and race dates. This is something that is extremely important to Paul and I...we hope that you will get involved too! Here are some pics of us in the BMWs that we got to test drive. It was a blast!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Poor Me

***Sorry for the confusion, the "I" is Sarah***
So, I have had like 5 sinus infections since February...maybe it has been one very long sinus infection. Medicine doesn't seem to be working and my face or head hurts most days. I finally went to the doctor AGAIN on Tuesday just to be told I need to see an allergist. Yesterday was my appointment with the allergist, and I got a back full of scratches with different allergens AND 12 shots in my arm AND 2 viles of blood drawn. My arm hurt for the rest of the night. It is kind of funny to watch bumps come up after being injected with things I am potentially allergic to. It doesn't take a medical degree for anyone watching my arm to figure out that I am allergic to trees...that bump was huge (think of a VERY large mosquito bite) and it itched like crazy. I am also allergic to molds and grass and something else I can't remember right now. I think I am basically allergic to outside...yeah! But, the good news is that I am NOT allergic to dust mites, however, I was told that Lubbock doesn't even have dust mites...figures. I am glad to know why my sinuses have been going crazy. I am now on a series of medicines to help with these allergies. The doctor wants me to start allergy shots, but I am not sure about that yet. He is also going to do this scope thing up my nose next week. I guess he wants to look at my sinuses. I just got some sinus x-ray results back, and they said those looked fine, so I am going to call this allergy doctor and see if the scope thing REALLY needs to be done. Geeezzz, you have to be able to outsmart some of these members of the medical profession.

House News: we are pretty much D-O-N-E with the house! We still have to complete the front flower bed and prune the rose bushes on the side of our house. So, there will be pics up by next week. It has been such hard work, so it feels really great to be just about finished.