Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Paul and I were actually engaged on Valentine's Day 5 years ago. Funny thing is that Paul didn't plan to propose on Valentines...just on Monday. Well, that Monday happened to be the 14th of February (which he obviously realized but didn't want to change his plans). So, each year we try to grab coffee at the coffee shop where I said "YES". We did get to do that this year, and we took Jonas along. Check out what else we did...

Jonas with his Valentine present...he wanted to sleep with it.

We fed the ducks and geese, and every time Jonas threw a piece of bread he would say, "mmmm". I guess he wanted the ducks to know it was good bread. He also decided to show them his belly.

Two geese almost making a heart. AWWWW

and then Paul decided to scare them all away

Jonas wanting to go on the slide that didn't have any sides. Now that is scary.

On actual Valentine's Day. Paul was pulling weeds, and Jonas was throwing them away. That boy is good for something :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I {heart} the Olympics

1. Speaking of Olympics. Don't you just love watching the athlete "spotlights" that they do? I always find myself wanting to do that sport. If you ever hear of me making my way to the half-pipe...please do an intervention.

2. Today I took Jonas a little date after school. We went to McDonald's for fries. Don't judge me. It was really sweet sitting on the same side of the booth with a little ketchup stained boy.

3. While we were at McD's, there were about 8 older people there having coffee together. Some of them came in with Valentine's treats to share with their group. It was fun to watch and eavesdrop a little. I sure do hope that I am meeting my friends for coffee and treats and talking about insurance when I reach "retirement" age.

4. About Valentine's Day. We are doing a family date this year. Partly because we wanted to and partly because all of our babysitters were out of town for the weekend. I think it will be fun. We'll take pictures to share.

5. Next week my friend who more like a sister to me is getting married. I am so excited to be flying to Houston to celebrate!

6. And, in addition to a wedding celebration, Jonas and I get to see my family. So excited!

7. Today the sun came out for the first time in I don't know how long. Honestly, it had been over 2 weeks I think. We've had a crazy winter with lots of snow and really cold temperatures. I'm usually not ready for warm weather, but I am finding myself longing for spring days.

8. I really like Anderson Cooper - the CNN reporter. You should check out his blog http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com. His report of the happenings in Haiti is exceptional. I also resonate with the way he writes, thinks, and tells the story.

9. I was seriously considering adopting a Hatian baby the other week. Maybe that will be in our future. I decided that I shouldn't do that without first talking to Paul and second waiting until the emergency in their country had settled down a little.

10. Paul is on his way to get ice cream to eat with the heart brownies I made. And, the Opening Ceremonies are on. I've instructed him to come back with vanilla bean AND coffee ice cream. It's all about options, people.

11. Our boy is getting so big. He will be 21 months old next weekend. It is hard to believe that a year ago at this time, he had just been in the hospital and we were uncovering the huge medical mistakes made during his Cystic Fibrosis testing. Thank you, Lord, that Jonas is healthy today!

12. I've grown a new love for cooking. For the first time in my adult life, I would usually much rather eat at home. I still love eating out, but unless it is one of our favorite restaurants, I would rather cook. Anyway, my point is that it has been really fun to learn more and try new things.

13. Paul is walking in the door. I've got to go!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today, I wish I were here...

in Cabo San Lucas

or here...

on the San Antonio Riverwalk

or maybe here...

the mountains of Colorado

Thursday, February 4, 2010

snow day!