Monday, May 28, 2007

where o where have the maneys been?

We've been in lots of different places and have been doing lots of different things! May has proved to be (once again) super busy for us. For the past four years, Paul has spent 2 weeks every May at REC week - InterVarsity's annual week-long student conference. Paul has to be there for two weeks because schools in the region don't finish up at the same time. So, Paul pretty much lives at Camp Buckner outside of Marble Falls for half the month. This year, my sister graduated from high school (yes, there is a large age difference...13 years to be exact). So, I flew to Houston for her graduation, and Paul was able to meet me there for a weekend away from camp. After returning to Lubbock for less than 48 hours, I flew out to Austin to be with Paul at REC week for the last three days of the two weeks. It was a lot of fun to see everyone as well as say goodbye. Paul and I have both felt really mixed emotions. This is my second time to say goodbye to InterVarsity since I left after 5 years of staff about four years ago. There is a sadness to saying goodbye to something you have given your life to. Paul and I flew back to Lubbock this past Friday in time for a long Memorial Day weekend. We have been anticipating what our new routine will be like as Paul begins his job full-time with Conetrix this coming Friday. The entire time we've been married, we have ridden to work together in the mornings and home again at night. We eat lunch very regularly together. Now, we will take separate cars to work in the morning and will have to make plans to see each other at lunch. It is going to be different.

We have really enjoyed this long weekend together. We've spent the entire weekend hanging out together and enjoying each other's company. We celebrated my birthday on Saturday by going to the movies and eating fajitas and drinking margaritas on the patio of On The Border. We've spent a lot of time looking for a new house (you can pray about that with us...we are looking to rent, so please pray for something that we can afford that meets our space needs in the area of town we would like to live). We also go my birthday present...A NEW BIKE! I am really excited about it. You know Paul is really into biking, and I have wanted to get into as well. So, for my birthday, I got a pretty, new mountain bike.

The past month has been good and hard and sad and exciting. We are really missing our family and friends that live far away. We are excited about the new cadence our life will soon have. We are sad about leaving InterVarsity. We are ready for the summer routine.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


1) I love NPR. I was excited when we recently bought a second car because that meant that I would get to commute by myself and listen to NPR. Normally it gets vetoed because up until now Sarah and I have rode in the same car together to/from work. Too bad my commute is only 5 minutes.

2)I really like things that are practical. I enjoy having things like tools, extension cords, etc. I like things that are durable and help you accomplish a goal.

3)Things I am responsible for when Sarah and I are getting ready in the morning: Grinding beans, making the coffee; Making a quick bite to eat for us (usually something we eat on the way to work like an English muffin or instant breakfast); Plugging in Sarahs straighener when Im done with the bathroom.

4)I enjoy biking, always have and I probably always will. Ever since I was a kid I've loved riding. I like mountain biking, road, and I would love to try BMX (no, its not just for kids).

5)I like to spend money on big things, not little things. Sarah has an easier time spending money on smaller purchases. I have an easier time researching a larger purchase then "pulling the trigger" on buying it. Its good, we balance each other out.

6)I often try and "figure" money computations in my head... i.e. when we were out at a coffee shop I was wondering how well they did income-wise, so I tried to estimate their traffic, income, costs, etc. Ya Im kind of a dork.

7)I have a side business selling glowsticks on the internet. No, I dont have some sort of afinity for glowing novelty items...basically its a good deal because it was a low startup cost, the markup online is huge, and it doesnt take much of my time. I don't make a TON of money off of it, but its enough to put a little fun money in my pocket.

Friday, May 4, 2007

We've been tagged.

I (Sarah) will be a good sport and complete the taggee (is that what I would be called) assignment. I will also make Paul post his response. The assignment is to list 7 random facts or habits about yourself. So here goes...

1. I have had the same alarm clock since 5th grade. That is a pretty long time considering I will be 31 this month. It is pink and purple (what other color would a 5th grade girl have in the 1980's), and it is called the "P'Jammer". It used to have these little "earbuds" (fancy for earphones) that fit into the side of it, but those have been gone a long time. I have contemplated getting a new alarm clock for a while, but I am not sure I want to part with my P'Jammer.

2. I love really great hair. If I could, I spend A LOT of money on hair products, and I would get my hair cut every 3 weeks. It is of value to me to spend a little money on my hair cuts, so I do not like to go hair cutting chains. I also do not like to go stylists that have really bad hair. My stylists is moving to San Diego, so I will get my hair cut by her one last time in a week. Then, I must train someone new.

3. I was in a beauty pageant. You can laugh now if you want. I really was. It was my sophomore year in high school, and I was first runner-up. I got a big trophy.

4. I like things to be clean. I wouldn't so much call me a "neat freak"...mainly because I don't like that term. Cleanliness is a very high value of mine. This pertains to just about anything - my house, my office, my car, myself. I also like for things to look clean...this means no clutter. I like clean, crisp decorations that are fairly simple.

5. I have had 9 jobs in my life. secretary/do whatever I was told for a software company, sales associate at Gap Kids, student assistant in my residence hall, substitute teacher, staffworker for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, high school English teacher, secretary/do whatever I was told for the Texas Tech Library, Assistant Director of the New Student Orientation program at Texas Tech, Supervisor/Coordinator over admission's processing at Texas Tech.

6. I have fantasies about living in Mexico. Specifically in a little town called Guanajuato. My other choice would be running a quaint little hotel or coffee shop in a place like Cabo San Lucas. And that brings me to luck #7...

7. I have a set path that I take when I go to Target. First, I walk through the clothes and look at everything, then I go across the big aisle to the handbags. I then walk the outer aisle of the store past electronics, toys and baby stuff to the shoes. I keep walking back toward the front of the store to housewares, kitchen stuff and decorating stuff. I stop there for a good while. Finally, I make it to the cleaning supplies and toiletries and get what I am usually there to pick up. I LOVE Target!

And for the bonus...
I have a few dreams that I would love to be realities at some point in my life...own a coffee shop, go to graduate school (I could do something about this, but I am kinda scared), have babies...not sure how many and not at one time - that scares me too, own a house that is a blank slate for decorating, run a marathon, and own a chocolate lab.