Sunday, December 30, 2007

things I dislike...

I know this is the season for good cheer and all that, but I am feeling under the weather - thus the reason for the post. These are some things that I no particular order.

- COLDS. I'm talking the kind of cold that has you sleeping on 10 pillows just so that MAYBE you can breathe at night, that has you coughing so annoyingly that you are actually apologizing to whoever is around you, the kind that makes your eyes feel like they might just bug out of your head. I have one of these right now.

- balancing a checkbook. Yes, we are still a little old school and actually balance the checkbook. I don't like any part of the process EXCEPT being finished and knowing you've balanced to the penny.

- rap. I've really tried to be open-minded about this, but I just can't get into it - mostly, because I have no idea what the artist is saying.

- drivers who sit in a turn or go straight lane and don't turn.

- black licorice

- intentionally rude people...even though I can be this way sometimes

- cooked spinach

- when you put on a clothing garment from your closet and it no longer fits

- some politicians (this can be a whole different post)

- dust storms

We will definitely post on our Christmas and include some pictures. Also, coming soon is a belly shot and baby update.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Paul and I are leaving this evening for Houston. I am excited to be spending Christmas with my family there. I had some random thoughts that I decided to write down, so here goes...

- As I have been pregnant, I've thought a lot about Mary this Christmas season. I'm only 19 weeks along, but I've still had some of the discomforts that come with pregnancy. Can you imagine being A LOT more pregnant, travelling on a donkey, and then going into labor and delivering in a cow pin? But, I bet the sounds of that sweet baby made it all worth it.

- I HATE the busyness the Christmas season brings. Paul and I have been going 90 to nothin' for the past several weeks trying to get presents bought, laundry done, parties attended, etc. One of things that I really like during this time is listening to Christmas music in my car or around the helps me remember.

- I really like having a clean house. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

- We have begun to think about the traditions we want to have with our family since next year we will have a child. I think it is hard to take the traditions from both of our childhoods and come up with something that is unique to our little family.

- I am so so thankful for the week and a half that I get off...starting today at 2:30pm. I need a break from work.

- And, lastly, our friends Holly and Justin are having their first baby - a boy - today. YEAH! The name has been kept under wraps, and I can't wait to know what it is and see pictures.

Merry Christmas!